We held this workshop because we believe in a circular economy is a future concept that must be implemented as soon as possible. Therefore, we need to increase awareness and insight about the circular economy to as many people as possible. With the expansion of knowledge about the circular economy, various innovations and concrete actions will emerge more and more.


Currently, the circular economy has not been widely adopted in Indonesia. Even though there are many sources of information, our literacy power is still low. Besides that. various national forums on the circular economy have been implemented, but have yet to have a real impact. Even though the idea of ​​a circular economy is very diverse and interesting for us to develop. In addition, the various potentials of natural resources in Indonesia are enormous, so that the potential for sustainable management is the key to Indonesia’s future. We also need to remember that Indonesia’s problems regarding waste and pollution are not small. So that the circular economy can be one of the best solutions to maximize potential to overcome existing problems.

Workshop Program

Efforts to increase awareness and insight regarding the circular economy are the first steps to success. Therefore, we provide a workshop program that will help you to build circular economy insights and ideas individually and communally.

  • First, you will get an overview of the circular economy, its background, definition, and scope.
  • Second, you will get an explanation of the principles, enablers and barriers of the circular economy.
  • Third, you will get insight into concrete examples of circular economy implementation that are relevant to your preferences.
  • Fourth, you will get techniques on how to implement a circular economy and what capabilities you need to prepare.

Workshop Method

The methods we use on these programs vary widely. We believe that the learning process must take place with full of joy, mindfulness, and intense communication. We prepare each method as best we can and adapt it to the learning content. In addition, the methods we use can also adapt to the conditions of the participants in this workshop program.

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
  • Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD)
  • Gamification

Workshop Outcomes

This workshop program emphasizes participants’ insight and awareness of the circular economy. So, as a result of this workshop the participants were able to understand the circular economy concept better. Then, participants can also design a clear and systematic concept regarding the application of circular economy to business. Finally, participants can determine the capabilities they must prepare to apply the concepts they have designed.


We believe circular economy can be a promising future. However, we need to open our minds and try our hardest to be able to achieve success. Therefore, this workshop is the right first step for you and your community to be able to get every advantage of implementing a circular economy.

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