How To Make Circular Building

How To Make Circular Building

The application of the circular economy in the building sector has great potential. Like the stadium at the World Cup Qatar 2022 event, we can do it too. The application of circular building can have several underlying reasons. First, construction waste has a large weight and volume, so it requires a large space to store it. Second, the need for construction materials always increases along with the growth of the human population. Third, the available land is getting narrower, both land for buildings and land as a natural resource. These three things make us realize the importance of circular economy in the building sector. Therefore, here are some ways we can implement circular building.

How To Build Circular Building

  • Rethink your building

Building a building requires a lot of resources. Therefore, applying a circular economy to buildings, we can start by rethinking the function and value of the building. Make sure each building has the right function and is not wasteful.

  • Designing buildings that are flexible and multi-purpose

If we used to create for one function. Maybe now we can make buildings flexible and multifunctional. This way you will have a dynamic and impressive building.

  • Designing long-lived buildings

Weak and fragile buildings will only waste resources. If you want to build a circular building, you can design a long-lived building. Thus, the value of the building will last a long time. Selection of the right components and the robustness of the building is the key to a long building life.

  • Design buildings that can be demolished

Sometimes we need buildings for eventual needs. So the building has not been used for a long time. Therefore, we can design buildings that can be disassembled. In this way, we can use building components again as alternative resources with minimal damage.

  • Using recycled materials

The use of recycled materials is one step to implement circular building. This will lower production costs and virgin material requirements. However, we need to ensure that the quality and safety of recycled materials is at the same level or better than conventional materials. Therefore, it is necessary to have the role of researchers to ensure this.

  • Using environmentally friendly materials

Circular building can be built with environmentally friendly building materials. Environmentally friendly can mean not much harm to the environment. In addition, make sure that the materials we use are also not dangerous goods so that they are easier for us to reuse. Lastly, we can use the available resources quite a lot and close by so as to reduce transportation activities.

  • Using technology in the development process

Today’s technology is very important to help human needs, including implementing circular building. First, visualization media technology can help carry out development planning carefully. Second, modeling and testing technology can analyze the quality of buildings with recycled materials. Third, we can also use technology such as blockchain to trace building materials.

Benefits of Implementing Circular Building

  • Saves resource usage and reduces construction waste

Reusing construction waste can reduce the amount of waste and reduce land use for this waste. This will help extend the life of the land use for the waste. In addition, land for natural resources as a provider of virgin materials is also more durable because it is replaced by the use of recycled materials.

  • Opening new job opportunities

Carrying out development based on circular economy requires special skills. Therefore, the construction of a circular building will help open up opportunities for talented talent who care about the environment. Therefore, the government’s role in providing training for conventional construction workers is important in order to build a just circular economy transition.

  • Increase long term profits

For building owners, circular building can provide benefits. Either by using recycled materials, extending its life, or with a disassembled design. This will provide multiple benefits. Especially if you are a contractor, maybe you can apply circular building to your property project.

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