Tinkerlust The Fashion Business Based on Circular Economy

Tinkerlust The Fashion Business Based on Circular Economy

Before we discuss how Tinkerlust do their business, we need to know about the circular economy first. Ever heard of the circular economy? This economic concept is not new anymore, but its application is just now starting to be applied. The concept of implementing a circular economy aims to reduce waste, and pollution, renew natural systems, and use products repeatedly.

The emphasis on using the circular economy is an effort made to overcome many problems related to the environment. The need for efforts and support from various parties in implementing this circular economy. This is because this concept is diverse, inclusive, and distributive. What fields are suitable for using this economic concept? Here’s an explanation.

The Urgency of Implementing a Circular Economy

Before discussing what fields have implemented this economic concept. You need to know the urgency of its implementation. This concept is similar to the existing 3R principles. The reason why this economic concept is good to apply is to minimize waste.

Every production certainly has the result in the form of waste. You can imagine that every year the amount of waste is increasing. If this is continuously done, of course, this can threaten the balance of nature. In addition, this concept can also reduce the effects of consumption. So it is not only from the production side that the effect on the environment can be anticipated.

This economic concept can also spur the creativity of human resources. Why is that? The thing that distinguishes this concept from other economies lies in the raw materials used. If in general, the raw material is unfinished goods. Raw material in this concept is by recycling existing products. So besides being able to increase competitiveness, this also maintains the sustainability of natural resources. The hope is that in the future there will be no scarcity of natural resources.

Application of the Circular Economy Concept

The economic concept can be applied in small to large-scale industries. It’s just that for now its application is still applied to large industries. Of course, this is not without reason, because this concept requires creativity, technology, and high costs. However, applying this concept can reduce emissions.

If the circular economy concept is supported by good regulations, of course, this can save nature. Several industries that have implemented the economic concept are the cement industry and fashion companies. The two companies certainly contribute a lot of emissions every year because they produce continuously. Switching to the circular concept, of course, is something that needs to be supported.

Circular Economy Application in Fashion Companies

Indeed, to implement this economic concept there are challenges in it. However, make no mistake if it is applied properly it can certainly bring success. One company in the fashion sector that has been successful with this economic concept is Tinkerlust.

You need to know that this fashion company is one of the biggest emitters. If you used to think that transportation companies are the main cause of emissions, then that’s wrong. Apart from being a large emitter, the fashion industry is also a high user of natural water resources.

Especially now that fashion trends are constantly evolving. Of course, this makes production increase every year. The consumptive nature of society towards contemporary fashion models is also a trigger for higher production. Of course, many impacts are unknowingly worrying about future scarcity and the destruction of nature. Therefore, many fashion companies should start implementing the circular economy concept, such as Tinkerlust.

Success Story of Tinkerlust Company

Fashion company Tinkerlust is proof that applying circular economy concept can also survive and be successful. Of course, there will always be obstacles, it’s just how you respond and overcome them. To reach this point of success, of course, Tinkelust went through several stages.

In the beginning, this company developed, namely in 2015, it started its work in the fashion sector by creating a platform for buying and selling preloved. Although preloved, this company with a sustainable concept also pays attention to quality and originality. Until the following year, the company began implementing upcycling fashion.

In this breakthrough, the company has collaborated with various well-known Indonesian designers. Apart from partnering with several reliable Indonesian designers, the company also collaborates with several local brands. Of course, changing people’s mindset about purchasing pre-loved items is quite a difficult challenge. Moreover, the survey results prove that the majority prefer to buy fast fashion.

However, until now the company continues to implement a circular economy to reduce environmental and social impacts. From the beginning until now, many brands have collaborated and have a vision and mission like Tinkerlust. The hope is that in the future, of course, many people and business actors in the fashion sector will be aware of using environmentally friendly materials and implementing a circular economy.

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